Pole Chair

  • Year 2021
  • Materials carbon steel, stainless steel
  • Size 3(h) x 0.85 (base diameter) (basic version)
    size can be customized according to the space.
Chairs hold specialized functions and experiences. Throughout the history of architecture and practical design, chairs epitomize human movement. The Pole Chair designed by Chando Ao expands the scope of motion and space, encouraging the human body to unlock different spatial experiences by exploring the structure of the chair. The Pole Chair consists of a floor-to-ceiling stainless steel pole with three movable hollow rings, each corresponding to a contact point on the chair, supporting the sitter’s hands, feet, and hips. The adjustable rings of the chair allow the participant to freely climb up to a height of two to three meters. It is an extremely open structure for one, two, or three people - to sit or stand; to talk or work; to frolic or laze. By indulging oneself within the structure of the chair, the participant can experience the unusual physical exchange between the chair, body, and space firsthand.
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