Mirror 4

  • Year 2020
  • Materials Installation: 4k cameras, 4k screens, saddle chair, interactive
  • Size Dimensions Variable
Mirror 4 is a screen-transformed mirror that endows the audience with the visibility of the invisible. The installation invites the audience to sit on a saddle chair, where they will find two big digital screens live-streaming enlarged profile views of their faces. As two sets of 4K cameras capture the audience’s often hard-to-observe side views, the work forces them to engage with the misplacement of vision at the departure of their frontal vision. As a result, the replicated versions of the viewers are looking at each other while the real viewer stares at the interaction between the two. The uncanny exchange among the three viewers generates an unanticipated visual conversation. Beyond tackling visibility and invisibility, the magnified self-images assert hypervisibility, creating the discomfort of analyzing oneself in a public space. The experience of being confronted by self-images becomes simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar.
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