Mirror 1

  • Year 2019
  • Materials Installation: iPhone, iPad, Memoji, antenna, WiFi router, revolving stool
  • Size Dimensions variable
Mirror 1 consists of an iPhone and an iPad mounted on two walls in a right-angled corner. The two everyday devices are FaceTiming one another, each screen capturing the view from the two front cameras illuminating the user. The swivel stool placed in the corner allows the viewer to sit and rotate themselves in front of the screens. When the viewer looks directly at one of the screens, the camera captures the person’s front face, projecting it on the other device, covered by the green-skinned AR avatar. While the avatar on one device is looking directly at the sitting user, the user is confronted with their side profile, a reflection of oneself that they do not often encounter in their everyday use of a phone camera. As a result, no matter how the viewer rotates and situates themselves, they will never see their frontal face but only the AR avatar and the side face. With the AR avatar confronting the viewer and the viewer confronting their own unfamiliar side profile, Mirror 1 creates a strange cycle of looking and encountering oneself.
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