I'm a Fish

  • Year 2019
  • Materials Installation:camera, Arduino, omni-directional wheel, LIDAR, electric motor, battery, fish tank, water plants, LED light, metal structure, speaker
  • Size Dimensions variable
I'm a Fish is an aquarium equipped with a motion-tracking system. This system tracks the swimming path of the fish and translates it into a driving system, causing the aquarium to move in compliance with the fish’s swimming direction, creating the illusion that the fish is driving the aquarium. The movement of the aquarium within two distinct spaces and ecosystems – a water-based ecosystem and a human space based on air – both intersecting and running in parallel, deeply fascinates the artist. Additionally, the aquarium carries a sound system that plays popular music from the late 1990s by the singer Richie Jen, titled “I Am a Fish,” filling the space with sentimental melodies. This artwork extends to questions about the relationship between humans and technology, such as how humans relate to devices like phones or artificial limbs. The artist believes that self-awareness is rooted in the physical body, but it can also attach itself to third-party entities, such as tools, systems, and experiences, to establish entirely new and unique relationships with the body.
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